Augusto Shoe Rack: the technological shoe organizer by Metalprogetti Casa
The innovative shoe organizer by Metalprogetti Casa
Augusto Shoe Rack detail of a shelf
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The unit consists of customized shelves which are 1 meter diameter and each shelf can hold 10-14 pairs of shoes depending on size. Shelves have a cork finish to prevent sliding. The height, number of shelves, and depth can be customized to fit the needs of the customer. The height of the shelves is adjustable as well. The motor is placed above in the cabinet but does not encompass the entire space. The height of the shoe rack is dependent on the space.


Augusto Shoe Rack detail
The innovative shoe organizer by Metalprogetti Casa
The technological Shoe Rack by Metalprogetti Casa

The customizations of the shoe organizer, all made with great care by Metalprogetti Casa, may concern:

  • The height of the shelves.
  • The number of the shelves.
  • The depth of the shelves.

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