Augusto Custom: technological furnishing for the spaces of a bedroom
Augusto Attic: technological furnishings for small spaces
Augusto Ready: modern furnishings for a fashion walk-in closet
Augusto Ready: tecnological rotating element
Augusto Custom: rotating element
Augusto Attic: technological furnishings for small spaces
Augusto Dynamic Closet, complete module red
Augusto Dynamic Closet custom module, dynamic shelf detail
Augusto Dynami Closet, example rendering of a custom installation
Augusto Dynamic Closet Ready, complete module red
Augusto Attic, space saving furniture
Augusto Attic, authomatic furniture to optimize house spaces
Augusto Dynamic Closet Ready, exmaple rendering of the complete module in white color
A closet organizer system with Augusto Dynamic Closet Custom
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Technological home furnishings

Metalprogetti Casa represents a revolution in home furnishing: its automated operation allows space optimization and thanks to a special attention to the design, they can adapt to any architectural context.


Augusto Dynamic Closet

Augusto Attic

Shoe Rack

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Metalprogetti is an Italian company based in Perugia, world leader in the design and manufacture of automated systems for moving and handling garments. Metalprogetti’s products are to be found inside hotels, accommodation facilities and fashion industries all over the world.

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