Augusto Custom: optimization of the space inside a bedroom
Augusto Custom: optimization of an unused space
Augusto Custom: detail of the dynamic shelf
Augusto Custom: detail of the rotating shelf
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Augusto Custom: the automatic closet organizer

This set-up is tailor-made to meet customers’ particular requirements. The Metalprogetti Casa design team is at your disposal to create the solution best adapted to your needs.


If you are a professional, such as an interior designer, an interior decorator or furniture maker, or if you just want more personalized information: contact us for a quote
Augusto Custom: optimization of bedroom spaces
Automatic walk-in closet with Augusto Custom
Luxury bedroom walk-in closet with Augusto Custom
Augusto Custom: rotating element
Augusto Custom: detail of the Dynamic Shelf

The customizations of the system, all made with great care by Metalprogetti Casa, may concern:

  • The size of the dynamic shelves, that can vary from a minimum of 125 cm to a maximum of 300 cm
  • The colours and finishes of the different components
  • The addition of other wardrobe complements such as drawers and storage compartments

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